Imagine a World…

Imagine a world where no young person is ever without needed services for mental health or learning differences. Here is how CHC leads a path to success for young people — at home, at school and in life.


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A Message from our CEO

In a year of major milestones, CHC’s new CEO, Dr. Ryan Eisenberg shares his thoughts on CHC’s past and future.


In Honor of Rosalie

In a heartfelt tribute to Dr. Rosalie Whitlock upon her retirement, CHC former board chairs express their gratitude for her years of dedication and commitment.


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Changing Lives Together: 70 Years of Leadership

Together We Raised $70M for CHC’s 70th Anniversary

In anticipation of its upcoming 70th anniversary, CHC’s board of directors, supporters, and community partners joined together to honor the achievements of the organization.


A Year of Milestones

2021-2022 was a year of major milestones for CHC — from new beginnings to growth and exciting changes.


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CHC in Numbers

Each year, CHC strives to bring the highest quality care, expand its reach to communities, and provide financial assistance so that more families can access Services.



For CHC, fiscal responsibility ensures that we can continue to serve our community for years to come and consistently deliver expert care.


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Board, Ambassadors & Executive Leadership

“Working with fellow CHC members, leadership, and community members gives me hope that we can bring a brighter future to so many for years to come.”
—Julie Terrell Hooper, MSW, CHC Board Chair


Side-by-Side With You

Thank you for ensuring that care is within reach for everyone.


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Foundations & Corporate Sponsors

Our philanthropic partners are a reminder that we are truly stronger together.


Clark Legacy Circle

Ensuring the future of CHC for generations to come.


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